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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baga Beach, Mapusa - Goa

Baga Beach, Mapusa GoaTen kilometers west of Mapusa, Baga beach is an extension of Calangute beach. In fact, it is difficult to mark where one ends and another begins. A rocky wooded headland marks Baga beach. It is less congested in comparison to Calangute beach. The scenery here is unspoiled. The land and sea meet here in a picture perfect manner. White waves rush towards the brown sand to sweep the feet marks. Unlike other beaches, Baga beach is free from any hustle bustle.
Well, there is not much of sightseeings options available on this small beach. Yet it is popular among tourists. Though the beach doesn't boasts of any big time adventures yet whatever little it does offer is quite sought after.
Enjoy the trek up the Baga hill to the Baga Retreat House. The house was established in 1953 and is dedicated to St.Francis Xavier. If you are in mood of some excursion then just follow the path to the other side of the hill and you will come to Anjuna's Flea market.
Baga is a popular destination with the local Goans for the sea cure. Every year around mid-May, thousands of Goans camp on the shores of Baga beach. The cure is said to be a sure shot remedy for arthritis and joint pains. The elderly women sit on the fringe of the sea with their backs to the sea during the high tide and let the waves splash their backs. This circulates blood in the body. The cure has been practiced in Goa since hundreds of years.