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Monday, January 11, 2010

Swaffham I Ecotech Centre . . .ENGLAND

Owned and operated by Ecotricity, Swaffham I is the first multi-megawatt wind turbine in the UK and is one of a new generation of direct drive, variable speed wind turbines. Located in Swaffham in rural Norfolk, the turbine was installed at the Ecotech Centre in 1999 and represents what the future could be like for power generation. A second turbine was built in 2003 and together the two turbines produce enough electricity for approximately 7,000 people – about 75 per cent of the town. The Ecotech Centre is an environmental education centre and Swaffham I includes a viewing platform which is accessed via a 300-step spiral staircase. Since opening, over 50,000 people have visited the site.
Air: Norwich Airport. Rail: Norwich train station. Road: Bus: Public services. Car: A47.

Contact Addresses

Ecotech Centre, Swaffham, Norfolk
Tel: 01760 726100