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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vagator Beach, Mapusa- Goa

Vagator Beach Mapusa Goa
When it comes to scenic beauty, Vagator beach is undeniably one of the best beaches in the world. Twenty four kilometers from capital city, Panaji, this beach is the north most beach of Bardej Taluka. Perfect for a romantic holiday destination, a red laterite cliff looks down to soft white sand dotted with black lava rocks. A lush green landscape full of swaying palm trees and water turning aquamarine to emerald treats eyes. There is no beginning and no end to the beauty of Vagator beach. The icing on the cake is the five hundred year old Portuguese fort.

The beach is split into two by seaside headland, to the north is North Vagator Beach and towards the south is Ozrant beach or the mini Vagator beach. And in the center is a tiny beach cut off from Ozrant down the cliff. This is Middle Vagator beach also called the Tel Aviv Beach. All three beaches are popular with tourist particularly British and Israeli tourists.

Inseparable from Vagator is the Chapora village inhibited by a predominantly fishing community. The village gives the beach an old world charm.
What holds and beholds the charm of Vagator is difficult to say. A perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in spite of the hustle bustle of the tourists. Vagator is a relaxed tourist destination and fairly undeveloped or one rather say untouched. Its a perfect getaway if you plan to spend your holidays in calm surroundings reuniting with yourself. A face of Lord Shiva has been carved on a sea side boulder by some unknown sculptor, don't miss to take a snapshot. Swimming is fairly safe in North Vagator Beach.