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Friday, February 12, 2010

Costa Cruise Line

Launched in 1860 as a freighter company that exported Italian olives and olive oil to destinations all over the world, Costa Crociere entered the passenger ship business in the 1940s with the second-hand Anna C. In 1959 Costa began to offer Caribbean cruises aboard the Franca C. When the end of the grand liners came in the 1970s, Costa's vessels were converted into cruise ships. Costa's last former liner, CostaRiviera, was retired in late 2001. Following the takeover by Carnival Corporation in 1997 and eventual complete buyout in 2000, Costa has launched a number of new ships. Costa is known for its "Cruising Italian Style" concept which successfully attracts both North American and European passengers alike.Costa is also very popular with Spanish speaking passengers as Spanish is widely spoken throughout the cruise line. Costa's Caribbean cruises are very popular with Americans, while their Europe and Mediterranean cruises tend to be more popular with and international crowd (especially Italian). In Europe and the Med, English is not the language of the ships, but announcements may be made in several languages.