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Friday, September 11, 2009


With everything from fertile river plains to scrubby desert, from Mediterranean olive groves to liberal sprinklings of historical sites, Palestine seems to have it all. Sadly, war and intifadas mean this contested territory is badly damaged and for now theancient secrets and mysteries of this fascinating place may only be unlocked and enjoyed by its warm inhabitants and a few brave, some might say foolhardy, travellers.

Travel Warning: Travellers should be aware that the political situation in the Palestinian National Authority is extremely volatile. It is a hotly contested area where gun fights and violence between the Israeli Defence Force, Fatah militia and Hamas militia are unpredictable and not infrequent. Some areas, notably beaches in the Gaza Strip, are mined. Law and order are not reliably enforced and kidnappings of foreign nationals are not uncommon. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises caution when travelling in Jerusalem and against all travel to the Gaza Strip where the threat of kidnap is especially high. All but essential travel to the West Bank is advised against