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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oklahoma-United States Of America

Oklahoma is home to more Native American tribes than any other state except California, with 39 tribal headquarters and members of at least 67 tribes. While Native Americans have lived in Oklahoma for thousands of years, many tribes were forcibly relocated to this land (many dying from starvation and disease along the way on the infamous ‘trails of tears') when it was established as Indian Territory in the early 19th century.Today, visitors will find Native American art galleries, museums, historic sites, pow wows, dances and festivals. Oklahoma is also home to the longest driveable stretch of Route 66, with nearly 643km (400 miles) of ‘America's Main Street'. The state boasts 11 different ecological regions, from the Rocky Mountain foothills to cypress swamps, tallgrass prairies, hardwood and pine forests, and over 200 lakes.