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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Manitoba is a huge province with comparably few residents. Instead of hordes of people, you will find immense countryside that is as diverse as its population: Manitoba is the centre of the cultural festival Folklarama, a celebration of Canada's ethnic communities. It also has a vibrant international mix, which includes Icelandic, Japanese and Italian.In Manitoba, utter peace and quiet is apparent as you amble around a landscape that is carved up into sprawling rivers, desert dunes and forest. You can travel from sub-Arctic coastline to fields that bloom with a startling patchwork of red, yellow and purple. When the sun sets into the flat, open land, the sky can often turn similar, sumptuous colours.This abundance of nature is a haven for wildlife, which is why Manitoba is home to hundreds of species of birds that flock to the province's 100,000 lakes and marshes. Additionally, you can expect to see wolves, bears, elk, moose, beavers, polar bears or whales, depending on your location in the province.Although it gets cold and it is sometimes referred to as the 'Great White North', Manitoba is supposedly Canada's sunniest province.It is guaranteed that you will have a sunny smile on your face by the time you've fully explored this wide-ranging wonderland