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Sunday, February 8, 2009

BOA Steakhouse -Las Vegas

BOA Steakhouse in the Forum Shops at Caesars offers lunch and dinner in an atmosphere unlike most steakhouses. The California-inspired decor includes 800-year old driftwood "trees." Select pieces of driftwood were chosen by design firm Tag Front for their perfect form.
After undergoing a a series of treatments, including a form of petrification, the driftwood became the elegant trees throughout the dining room. The result is stunning.
And so is the food. After a recent outstanding dinner, I asked BOA's top Las Vegas executive Clinton Clausen what set BOA apart from other steakhouses; his response was instant.
"It has a social sexiness about it that excites our diners. When people want to really embrace their hedonistic instincts and have an excellent steak and original cocktails, they come to BOA."
This seasoned hedonist agrees. Where else can you find a bone-in New York Strip dry-aged for 40 days? This top seller was my choice and it was terrific. After trimming the bone from my succulent steak I wanted to sink my teeth into the tasty beef-filled arch. Instead, I used the French steak knife to delicately carve out choice small bites. Not nearly as much fun as gnawing on the bone, but delicious

BOA's side dishes are the ideal accompaniment: creamed or sauteed spinach, a mix of seasonal wild mushrooms, grilled jumbo asparagus and a bamboo basket filled with Santa Monica Farmer's Market baby vegetables. Resist if you can the truffled mac and cheese, truffled whipped potatoes or truffled cheese fries. The mac and cheese is much too good. This crusty, aromatic delight is a terrific spin on the usual homespun version.
And it's easy to wax poetic about BOA's creative appetizers. A plump Dungeness crab cake was sauteed with panko crumbs providing a delicate crispness. Inside was moist, Dungeness crab meat, no fillers, just a heap of sweet crab meat. Exceptional. BOA's take on oysters Rockefeller is glorious. Four sizeable oyster shells filled with baby spinach, apple wood smoked bacon bits and oysters are gently blended with a light sauce Bernaise, then baked. These magnificent oysters repose atop a bed of rock salt on a crystal plate. It is a dish to be savored, slowly. Chef de Cuisine Jose Alemon is a master with seasonings.