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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vancouver Canada

Vancouver is situated within shimmering inlets and the Fraser River on a deeply fissured peninsula set against the backdrop of snow-covered peaks that soar to 3,937 feet (1,200 m). Its big city heart beats on a peninsula that is washed by the waters of English Bay, Burrard Inlet, and False Creek. Chinatown is like a portal in front of the lively business area immediately on the land link and gives a foretaste of the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this city. Vancouver's British aura has been formed into an individual character through exposure to many cultures, especially Asian. From time immemorial this Pacific city of two million has had considerable attraction for countries on the other side of the oceans. Yet it is not yet 150 years since the first white lumberjack settled here among the Salish native Americans Vancouver is located on the mainland of North America, in the south west corner of British Columbia, which is the westernmost of Canada's ten provinces. Greater Vancouver is made up of 18 municipalities that occupy 2,930 square kilometres on and around the Fraser Baggage Handling Porter service is available at the Vancouver International Airport. Most tour group companies provide baggage handling services on arrival and departure. Rates and policies vary and should be confirmed with the supplier. Smoking Laws Smoking is not permitted by law in public buildings, on public transit, in shopping malls, and in most restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and casinos. Many restaurants and other establishments have designated smoking areas such as patios or outside heated seating areas. Please smoke in designated areas only. River delta. The City of Vancouver is one of them