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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Miami is an exciting, vibrant city set within a lush, tropical landscape. This is a remarkable contrast to its origins of a remote fishing village barely over a century ago when the area was mostly mosquito-infested swamp. Today, Miami and Miami Beach are top destinations for business and travelers. People flock to Miami for business, sun, sand, beaches, and entertainment - this place really rocks! Also known as the American Riviera, Miami Beach is ultra hip and fun. A popular hot-spot for movie stars and fashion models, it offers wide sandy beaches, numerous restaurants and exciting nightlife. Ocean Drive is one of the busiest parts of Miami Beach. It runs parallel to the beach, from Street south to South Pointe Drive. It is famous for its Art Deco architectureMiami has a strong Hispanic flavor with many of its residents from Cuba, Haiti and various Caribbean and Latin American countries. The result is an American city with great ethnic and cultural diversity Food and music, in fact, showcase Miami's zest for all things sensual. Cool jazz, spirited salsa rhythms, and a cuisine that unites fresh seafood, tropical fruits and tongue-tingling peppers provide evidence of a people and a city mesmerized by – and dedicated to – the spices of life. Give yourself over to its many incarnations in Miami's most sizzling neighborhoods: Little Havana, SoBe or the Design District. Each one boasts top-notch clubs and superlative restaurants, energized by the buzz of a style-conscious clientele. Such range and so much possibility – for both spirit and appetite – ultimately impart to Miami a semblance of meaning that it neither needs nor demands. The city's allure remains independent of attempts to quantify it, and regardless of the effort, satisfaction comes with just experiencing it. After all, when sympathetic climate and abundant care give rise to a strong, vivid hybrid, it's not the parentage that draws attention but simply the beauty of the flower