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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tourist destinations in Argentina

Argentina a menagerie of enchants: is immensely undiscovered and unexplored by most tourists, it is rather an adventure that is waiting to happen. It is so topographically various that there is something for everyone: every type of landscape is here in microcosm. From National parks that swarm with wildlife and mountainous panoramas, to natural wonders like the colossal Perito Moreno Glacier and Iguazu Falls that are world famous tourist destinations in argentina are one of fun and excitement. Besides horse riding, adventure sports and birdwatching that are available all round the year, the excellent skiing in the Andes and other interesting activities in Argentina will make your stay there a memorable one. The each and every province in Argentina is unique in its own way. There are various tours to these various provinces.
Buenos Aires Tours
Besides being the capital city of Argentina, this place is a shopper's paradise . The Catedral Metropolitana, Teatro Colon, Issac Fernandez Blanco Museum of Spanish-American art, Museum of Colonial History, the Jardin Zoologico (zoo), the Campo de Polo (polo grounds), the Hipodromo (racetrack) and the Planetarium are some of the famous spots for sightseeing here. But don't forget to drink the mate and enjoy the tango.
Cordoba Argentina Tours
The major tourist attractions in Cordoba include seventeen-century El Cabildo (Town Hall), the Romanesque Iglesia Cathedral and the Jesuit Iglesia de la Compania. The Museo Historico Provincial Marque de Sobremonte is one of the most important Historical museums here. You can also visit the Fray Jose Antonio de San Alberto Museum. Besides wonderful tourist spots this place also has the some of the best accommodations for the tourists.
Formosa Tours
The remarkable sights in Formosa are Nuestra Senora del Carmen Cathedral, the Government House, the Torelli Botanic Forest Garden, the Provincial History Museum (Museo Historico Provincial), the Estadio Centenario ("Centenary Stadium") football stadium, the Guaicole fauna reserve, the shore of the Paraguay River, the Isla de Oro Island, and the Central Square named after Jose de San Martin. Hotels are available suiting all kinds of pockets. Besides this place is a paradise for food lovers.
Mar del Plata Tours
Besides offering golden and divine beaches, this places offers wonderful opportunity for sightseeing and action and adventure. There are resorts for all kind of travelers
Mendoza Argentina Tours
Visit this place to taste the best wines in the world. This picturesque province has also a lot to offer to its tourist ranging from mountains, lakes, parks and museums.
San Juan Tours
This city besides being characterized by wide, tree-lined streets and modern buildings is a wonderful spot for excursions.
Salta Argentina Tours
Well- known for the best preserved colonial architecture this province is a wonderful tourist spot. It is also known for its outstanding train journey.