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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tour To Costa Rica

Tour to Costa Rica and make your vacations memorable experience of life. Costa Rica is a destination, which is capable of offering lots of adventure in small geographical area.
Located in Central America and south of Nicaragua and North of Panama, Costa Rica has estimated area of 50,660 sq km and population of 3.5 million. Official religion is Roman Catholic however Protestant religion is also practiced.
Tour To Costa Rica will take you to the amazing world of nature. Rain forests, volcanoes, rivers, wide biodiversity and perfect exotic beaches together form this small country. Costa Rica Tourist Destinations also show wide diversity like the geographical features of Costa Rica. Tourist destinations of Costa Rica comprise of National Parks and beaches also. Costa Rica consists of some of the unexplored and unspoiled beaches of the world. Santa Rosa National Park-a Tropical Dry Forest, Juan Castro Blanco National Park Cloud Forest and National Park Guanacaste are the major national parks of Costa Rica. However there are 20 national parks total in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica also has lots to offer in adventure. Adventure Tour of Costa Rica comprises of Scuba Diving, River Rafting, Bird Watching, Turtle Watching, Surfing, Hiking and Hot-air Balloon ride. Beside these explore the forest of Costa Rica to find some amazing facts about species of flora and fauna.
Costa Rica like its geographical diversity also has large numbers of festivals in almost every month of the year. Caribbean Music Festival, Artisan's Fair, International Arts Festival, National Orchid Show, International Dance Festival are the festivals of national importance.
Costa Rica Cuisine is simple and cheap. National dish is Gallo pinto- dish of fried rice and black beans. Beef and Chicken are inexpensive in Costa Rica whereas despite of a long coastline Seafood is expensive.
Costa Rica Tour offers lot of things to shop in Costa Rica Shopping Package. Handmade Cuban Cigars, Coffee, Flowers, Sara de Mallorca Pearls and Jewelry Boxes made of wood are the most demanding goods of Costa Rica.